Mall Installation of 2 LED Messaging Boards – Silver Springs, MD

Outdoor Specialist, Inc. Partners On $75 Million Ellsworth Place Renovation
Early in 2015 Outdoor Specialist, Inc. was approached by Premier Media in PA on a non-traditional digital signage project. The project includes installing two Watchfire high definition LED displays on Ellsworth Place, formerly City Place Mall in Silver Springs, MD. The $75 million Ellsworth Place renovation is part of a revitalization of downtown Silver Springs, MD.

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The heart of Ellsworth Place is the building that opened in 1947 as Hecth’s, first suburban Washington D.C. department store. The mission was to rework building and signage to update Silver Springs, MD’s downtown retail and entertainment experience. Both the interior and exterior of Ellworth Place, were renovated around a master plant that would appeal and draw major retail, restaurant and entertainment tenants.

Premier Media and Outdoor Specialist, Inc. worked together with the Ellworth Place ownership to engineer two digital signage inserts into the final project specifications. Beyond the challenge of blending the modern digital signage into the vintage Modern building, this project had to manage the message board installations in three nights. The downtown area experiences a typical high volume of vehicle and pedestrian traffic. All traffic controls had to be removed each morning.

Within the three night completion schedule, Outdoor Specialist, Inc. installed steel framework, including extensive welding to merge the frames for the two Watchfire LED displays. The Ellsworth Place high definition LED displays are 16’x 21’ and 14’x 23’in size. Engineering firm, Bennett and Pless provided consultation support and final engineering crucial to the success of this addition to the Ellsworth Place renovation.

The end result is showcases another outdoor advertising signage success of an Outdoor Specialist, Inc. Lamar Advertising has two new, outdoor displays in a controlled advertising area.