Lehigh River Bridge Billboard Relocation

Route 22 Road Widening Project Forces Relocation of 100′ Billboard
Location: Hanover Township, PA
Client: Adams Outdoor Advertising
Outdoor Specialist, Inc. overcame many challenges during a successful billboard relocation project for Adams Outdoor Advertising. Not only was the prime outdoor advertising asset succesfully relocated, but down time for the  double digital 14×48′ flag was only a few hours. The previous location was in the way of a State of Pennsylvania road widening project on Route 22 in Hanover Township. This billboard is located on a major traffic artery, alongside the access ramp to the Leigh River Bridge so it was important to minimize down time.

Please watch this short Hanover Township 100′ billboard relocation video for more details. If you have any questions about outdoor advertising structures, call Sonny Kuhn at: 410-668-0117!