Outdoor Specialist, Inc. Garage Attached 60’x20′ Digital Sign

Another Challenging Digital Signage Structure Fabricated On Time By OSI!

Our customer came to us with a project to install a 60’ x 20’ digital unit on the side of a parking garage but it had to have foundations and be attached to the garage. Outdoor Specialist, Inc fabrication and design team partnered, along with engineers at Bennett and Pless worked with the clients team to design the steel foundations and attachment methods.
Challenges presented included tight clearances to the garage structure and the need to not interfere with garage operations during the daylight hours. To meet these challenges, Outdoor Specialist, Inc. installed the digital advertising structure over two weekends and evenings. The digital sign was also installed at night, after garage operating hours.

One special challenge was that one of the foundations had to go beneath the driveway into the garage. Our professional installation team plated the drive, dug and placed the needed bolt cages into the foundation, including pouring them with concrete in just one weekend.

The digital sign was delivered on the last Monday night and went up without a hitch again in very tight constraints. The following morning the job site was cleared before garage operations.

This team effort on this custom digital sign took only 2 weekends complete. The patients and staff that used the hospital garage were not inconvenienced! All in all, another challenging outdoor digital advertising structure well done by all!