Client: Lamar Advertising Company

Location: Perth Amboy NJ

Billboard Frames: 14’x48′ Center Mount 30′ Vee

Structure Height: 142’ tall

Specialized Equipment: Model 600 “Super Kong” Vibratory Hammer

In October of 2021 OSI was awarded a contract from Lamar Advertising Company to erect a
142’ tall structure towering along the Outerbridge Crossing Bridge from New jersey to Staten Island.

Initially we proposed to auger the foundation but when we discovered there may be contaminated soil our plans needed to be revised. Another concern was there was shale rock at 50’ and the column had to go down 58’. At that point we revised our engineering and contacted a vibratory hammer company and proposed to rent the largest vibratory hammer in the country which is called “Super Kong”.

The rental company, American Pile Driving Equipment (APE) ran a computer program and committed to making it happen with that machine. Our customer loved the idea on non displacement of soils. With the complex site issues we had to penetrate a fiber membrane located 18″ below the surface down to 8’ and keep the membrane intact.

Using the Model 600 Super Kong , we vibrated a 72” diameter 72’ long pipe weighing 48,000 lbs with a 32 ton vibratory hammer setting up with multiple cranes down to 58’.

Mission on….
We removed the on‐site fence, covered the entire ground with vinyl, put filter cloth in drains surrounded by hay bales to protect all drains, then dug to and past the membrane to set the steel before vibrating. We had a soil company bring in a waste container to hold the minimal soils that later had to be analyzed by a professional site environmental company prior to removal to site capable of storing hazardous waste.

Using the vibratory procedure there was hardly any soil to take off site. Ultra Lum installed 100’ of power poles along the site for electric and we installed the fence back to normal and added a gate for the customer. The on‐site environmental people worked very closely with us and our
partners to protect the environment.

Special thanks to Derek Blatt, Hardin Construction, Ultra Lum, APE, Target, Cowan Associates and the onsite environmental folks for helping OSI make this very interesting and challenging job a success.

Model 600 Super Kong Vibratory Hammer from APE in operation for Outdoor Specialist, Inc. project