Outdoor Specialist, Inc. Double V Billboard Project

Location of Billboard Project: Paramus NJ
Type of Billboard: 14 x48 – Double Digital
Completion Date: January 2021
In January 2021 OSI partnered with Klein Outdoor to build a double digital sign in Paramus, NJ along very heavily traveled Route 4 East in Paramus NJ. This project was located in very tight confines beside a building that had a basement. The column for our sign had to be located near the wall of the building, which then had to be protected underground to avoid any basement wall issues in the future once built.

Our structure was a 14’ x 48’ bulletin that towered 85’ in the air with an extended flag and a full cantilever over top of a building. The foundation was an augured foundation that was 7’ in diameter and 47’ deep. OSI protected the foundation of the building by installing a spray foam called Icynene in the top 12’ of the billboard foundation to protect the building foundation from any minor movement of the Billboard.

To complicate things the foundation had to be processed due to water and soil material. A frack tank was brought in to hold the volume of water needed to process the footing. When completed we installed a steel cap to protect the Icynene from the elements while allowing the column to move. The sidewalk and portion of the driveway was then put back to its original condition. Lots and lots of activity and equipment in a very condensed area.

Our client and landowner was happy with the product in the end. Hats off to OSI, Klein, Bennett & Pless and Hardin Construction!