Unexpected Rock Formations No Challenge For Cluster Drill!

Completion Date: 12 December 2019
Location: Merchant Street, Sharon, MA
Coordinates: 42.117148, -71.232464
Major Partners: American Tower, HPL Media, Illini Drilling, Harden Construction

Outdoor Specialist, Inc. helped the owner with engineering and altering the site location several times due to Landowner concerns and tree conservation issues. Working diligently with the local Municipality to assist our customer in gaining approvals was challenging for OSI as well as our customer. Through the process there were a couple soil tests done that showed bedrock. In the end we went with a drilled rock foundation that was 6’x23’ to keep the foundation and pole out of the landowners parking area and defeating the arbor rules and regulations.

During the excavation process the rock had hardened to well beyond the results of the soil test. The rock drilling equipment could not drill the hole past 13’. Our professional rock people had a Cluster Drill brought in from Texas. Cluster drills, also known has “down the hole hammers”, pulverize even the hardest rock into gravel sized pieces, making cutting removals easy. The Cluster drill blasted the bedrock to smithereens and allowed Outdoor Specialist, Inc. and project partners Illini Drilling and Harden Construction to complete the foundation and finish the job.

Foul winter weather was dealt with along with the holiday season throughout the entire process but the gang kept at it taking a Thanksgiving break with their families then returning to deliver the digital unit and completing the project on 12 December 2019.