Outdoor Specialist, Inc. finishes major project for Park City Center Mall

Completion Date: November 2022
Location: Lancaster, PA, Lancaster County, PA
Coordinates: 40.06756963168575, -76.33916390685609
Major Partners:
Installer: Outdoor Specialist, Inc.
Rock Drilling: by Atlantic Caisson Corporation

In the summer 2022 Outdoor Specialist, Inc. began a mall rebranding project for the Park City Center Mall located in Lancaster, PA. This project included three (3) new signs OSI worked in partnership with several affiliates to complete.

Park City Center Mall opened in 1971 and is the largest enclosed mall in Lancaster County. The snowflake-shaped mall contains over 170 stores, featuring four anchors and is the fourth largest mall in Pennsylvania.

Park City Center Sign Outdoor Specialist, Inc.

The Park City Center Mall rebranding project included three unique advertising structures, two of which display to heavily traveled highways. There was an 8’x25’ unit on Plaza Blvd that led into the mall parking area and a 14’x 48’ unit that was in the mall parking lot showing to Route 30. The third digital LED sign was a 10’ x 30’ unit showing to the Harrisburg Pike, also a major traffic artery in Lancaster, PA.

Given the geology of central Pennsylvania, subsurface rock is a normal concern when we are installing new structures in the Lancaster area. Outdoor Specialist, Inc. had a rock auger brought in as it was necessary to drill all foundations for the main columns. We worked with Atlantic Caisson Corporation out of Glenn Rock PA to complete this portion of the work. All three signs were engineered with additional foundations to support extensive cladding around the columns and faces.

Once the drilling and foundation work was done, the steel structures were installed, followed by the digital LED message boards. Next the steel and stone cladding sheeting was installed along with the Park City Center Mall signature logo, top outs and lighting. Lastly, finishing work including landscaping was completed in November 2022.

Another project that went extremely well for both our customer and the mall’s satisfaction.