Outdoor Specialist, Inc. High Visibility Advertising Structure Relocated

Minimizing Downtime While Upgrading Digital LED Units
Location: Baltimore, Maryland
Once again OSI takes on a project that involves an incredibly high value outdoor advertising structure. This billboard structure is located on the eastern entrance to the Fort McHenry tunnel where it displays to traffic on both sides of the interstate. It also is highly visible to all vehicles approaching and then stopped at the western toll booth.

This is a rebuild of an existing digital billboard Capital Outdoor in Baltimore Maryland on I-95 at the Fort McHenry tunnel. We had to take down and replace the existing structure. One of the complications Outdoor Specialist had to deal with was make the new structure look like the old structure that was able to support a LED unit. Another complication is that the structure is a 70’ spread which had to be specially engineered to support a LED unit. The whole project when very well with no complications. We installed a Daktronics Led unit on the right hand read and a static face on the left.
Outdoor Specialist, Inc rebuilds high value digital billboard Baltimore, Maryland Fort McHenry Tunnel