OSI Engineered Billboard Stands Undamaged After Hurricane

Hurricane Irene wreaked havoc along the east coast with heavy wind and rain, but none of the heavy weather damaged any billboard structures designed and fabricated by Outdoor Specialist, Inc. As in 2008 in Houston, TX, advertising companies that choose Outdoor Specialist, Inc. were spared loss of revenue and inconvenience due to sign damage to billboard structures.

Outdoor Specialist builds billboards and outdoor advertising structures for clients who demand a high ROI! That means building advertising platforms that exceed industry standards. Billboards blow down all the time. Inferior engineering, improper site preparation and poor installation are all culprits that contribute to outdoor advertising structure failures in robust weather. If not a complete billboard failure, a loss of the display area due to even moderate winds can impact revenue!

The two outdoor advertising structures shown here are in Bloomsburg, PA. They are only 60 days old! Despite Hurricane Irene’s high winds and ten feet of water flooding by the new footing, there was no damage whatsoever! Outdoor Specialist, Inc. billboards, sign poles and scoreboards from North Carolina to Massachusetts survived Hurricane Irene unscathed!

If your an advertiser, look for an outdoor advertising company that chooses Outdoor Specialist, Inc. If you are an outdoor advertising company, just call us!
Outdoor Specialist, Inc billboards survive hurricane no damage