Paramus billboard project on Rte 4 rendition art submitted by Outdoor Specialist to Pacific Outdoor

Project rendition created by Outdoor Specialist, Inc.

Outdoor Specialist Overcomes Multiple Technical Challenges During Digital Billboard Installation

Billboard Type: Twin 14’x48′ Full Flag Digital
Height: 60′
Location: 152 E. Route 4 Paramus, NJ
Client: Pacific Outdoor
Installation Partner: Hillis Outdoor Specialist
Completed: June 2024

On June 4, 2024, Outdoor Specialist, Inc. (OSI) completed an interesting new build for Pacific Outdoor in Paramus, NJ. OSI partnered with Hillis Outdoor Specialist during the installation.

Prior to the work OSI submitted renditions of how the sign would look when completed. The sign location was extremely tight and there were hurdles to overcome. The sign location was adjacent to a Popeye’s Restaurant. Construction of this 60′ tall, twin digital sign could not interfere with the restaurant’s daily operations. Popeye’s opened for business by 10:30 am each day. Also, the township added additional challenges by not allowing work at night or before 7 am.

While drilling the foundation, we encountered rock and had to call in a specialized rock drilling company on short notice. There were irrigation lines that had to be relocated during the excavation. Furthermore, the processing and removal of the slurry and soils had to be remediated by a specialized remediation contractor.

To complicate things further, OSI and Hillis Outdoor Specialist, could not build the structure on site due to the limited space at the Popeye’s restaurant. Instead, we had to rent a parking lot about ¼ mile away to build the upper structure. Once the foundation was completed, the 44,000-pound upper structure was loaded onto a tractor trailer and transported to the installation site where it was installed.

Once the flag structure was on location, a 200-ton crane was used to lift it onto the column! When everything was done, we landscaped the area and restored the irrigation lines so nothing was damaged.

Our customer and the landowner of Popeye’s were extremely happy with the results of this build. The product turned out to reflect the previously done renditions exactly.

Pacific Outdoor Popeyes 60' twin digital14'x48' Full Flag