Vision Outdoor Digital Upgrade Expected to Rock ROI!

OSI Partners For Another Digital Sign Conversion – Baltimore, MD

Vision Outdoor choose Outdoor Specialist for a billboard rebuild and digital conversion. The existing billboard was a back-to-back flag that displayed prominently to I-395 traffic between downtown Baltimore and I-95. Challenges faced in this project included taking down and re-installing a new billboard in a small parking lot between two buildings!

The ultimate challenge was to update the sign so as to maximize exposure to the high flow traffic along I-395. This corridor is the main route into Baltimore from I-95. Literally across the street is M & T Stadium, home of the Baltimore Ravens. Camden Yards is also served by this route as is Baltimore’s harbor attractions.

To better serve advertisers, the new flag was designed to be a 30 degree Vee with a digital upgrade. The Vee design allows for better exposure to both sides of I-395, local surface streets and parking lots! Now instead of serving two static signs, the digital signs can serve up to 14, colorful and bright dynamic messages. The return on investment is expected to be “robust”.

As usual, Outdoor Specialist, Inc worked closely with Vision Outdoor as well as local government to deliver an updated digital billboard in a problem-free, timely manner. The Baltimore advertising market is closed to new signs, so updates like this are crucial to outdoor advertisers seeking to grow their revenue streams.

For more information on the details of this project, call Sonny Kuhn at 410-960-2401. Outdoor Specialist is chosen by major advertising companies because we get projects done where others say, “impossible”!