We specialize in building the best outdoor advertising structures!

Outdoor Specialist, Inc. puts cutting edge technology, proven design, and more important, a team that is focused on your success at  your service. We know that your customers want their brand put in front of as many people as possible. They demand billboards that expose their products and services to as much traffic for as long as possible.

Your customers want impressive results, so we build outdoor advertising that are at the minimum, impressive. Part of the process is that the sign itself stands out in the world full of competing outdoor structures. Where some billboard fabrication companies take the easy, “good enough” route, the Outdoor Specialist, Inc. team, overcomes challenges to install where the highest impressions of your advertiser’s brands will be attained.

Over the last 15 years, our team has worked with outdoor advertising companies, local governments, and property owners to overcome challenges to put outdoor advertising structures in locations that generate the highest return on investment. Your advertisers will want their brand, services, and products to be featured on our signs!

Our list of customers includes advertising companies, governments, hospitals, educational institutions, sports teams, and more. Whether the need is a billboard, scoreboard, or other outdoor advertising structure, you can count on Outdoor Specialist, Inc. to have the right solution that will weather the test of time, (and in most cases, any weather that can be thrown at them.

Thank you from the team at Outdoor Specialist, Inc.!

The Outdoor Specialist, Inc. Family!